Aqua et Oleum Hotel

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  • 04-15-2021
Aqua et Oleum Hotel

Extremadura, Espana

  • – the property lies in the Sierra de Gata mountains of Spain
  • – it is an 5 ha. (12.35 ac.) site and was originallycomprised of a water-powered olive mill, olive grove, small running river and ancient foundations from a previous era.
  • – abandoned in 1990, the property and mill building fell into disrepair.

Sierra de Gata mountain range




Extremadura, Spain, near the Portugese border, midway between Madrid and Lisbon


– the Owner/Developer, who spent part of his childhood exploring this region of Spain, was searching for a property which he could acquire for a simple getaway residence…. What he found was so much more!

– stumbling across this property in 2016, now known as Aqua et Oleum, he visualized that it had so much more potential and the quest began.

– it’s been said by locals that the olive mill operated from 1920 until it was abandoned in 1990, 30 years ago. Foundation remnants have been attributed to former stables and storage buildings (date unknown).

– when it was discovered in 2016, the property was overgrown and the roof of the mill building had collapsed into itself.

– as one can see from the site plan, all construction was required by the civic authorities to be contained within the existing wall.

– subject to the outcome of Covid, the hotel is scheduled to open Fall 2021.

  • – in today’s world most properties and buildings that get re-purposed are in Urban settings. A visionary who can crawl through dense undergrowth and recognize the potential of a collapsed building shell in the countryside in the writer’s opinion is a genius. It takes foresight, fortitude and a lot of patience knowing that your concept will take years to materialize.
  • – utilizing traditional building practices and sourcing indigenous materials will be the legacy of Aqua et Oleum.
  • – today, the mill with it’s attendant milling equipment and waterwheel will be brought back to life as a bar/restaurant and meeting rooms.
  • – 8 new cabanas are being built with the same 60 cm. walls to complement the mill building on old remnant foundations.
  • (with future potential for another 8).
  • – rigorous horticultural practices have been applied to the olive grove and olive production is flourishing, with the launch of Aqua et Oleum’s own brand of olive oil.
  • – and to cap it all off in 2021, several acres have been cleared and a new vineyard has been planted with both red and white varietals.
  • – an amazing example of the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes.
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