About Architology

About Architology



ArchitologyTM is a world-wide educational repository for all things pertaining to lesser known Buildings and Sites. The format is a blog on a single subject that will be curated and added to the collection monthly. Suggestions or executive summaries are welcome to be submitted and will be reviewed for inclusion on the following basis:

  • Can a whimsical spin be put on the story line perhaps with some interesting anecdotal sidebars ?
  • Is this a project that may be regionally known but is not on the front line of public awareness or understanding?
  • Are good color and black and white visuals/videos available as to what the project may have looked like ?
  • Has the project been written about in detail, such that the interested viewer may explore further, i.e. books, articles, monographs, etc.?

This endeavor will initially launch within the academic community, so your offerings are vital to this mission. Credit will be given to those who choose to submit a project to be published or we will collaborate with you using our format.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to capture the imagination of the public-at-large and create a generational interest in the history of Buildings and Sites, while also aiding the cause of preservation – AND inspiring urbanists of the future.

References are cited that will provide additional in-depth exploration by
interested parties.


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